Co-op Bank Business Solutions

Co-op Bank Business solutions support entrepreneurs to manage and also grow their businesses.

The  Business Solutions include;

  • MSME Term Loan-This is the money you can borrow for your business for a period of time to help your business expand, repayable to upto 60 months.
  • MSME Overdraft/Working Capital-Business doesn’t need to stop when payments are delayed. Access our overdraft facilities which allow you to withdraw your current account beyond zero.
  • Mobile Loans – Get quick biashara loans  via MCo-opCash or *667#
  • Import Duty Financing-This is a solution for importers designed to help them have a seamless process during the clearing and transportation of imported cargo.
  • Mkopo Wa Kujengana– Grow your self-help group with Mkopo wa Kujengana.
  • Business Mortgage and Construction Loans-We finance the construction or renovation of residential or commercial properties.
  • Supply Chain Financing-This  is a solution to MSME Anchor customers to pay the suppliers upon delivery and submission of invoices. This facilitates financing for suppliers to the Anchor customer to obtain early payment once they submit their invoices.
  • Asset Financing-Asset Finance gives you  flexibility to finance your moveable assets without tying up any other property or assets as collateral.

Do you need a business current account? This is the account for you.

Our MSME Current Account comes with packages that suit your business needs. We have solutions for all business needs in your growth life cycle.

Here are the available packages :

Current accountAvailableAvailableAvailable
Debit cardAvailableAvailableAvailable
Mobile bankingAvailableAvailableAvailable
Internet banking – free monthly accessOptionalAvailableAvailable
Ledger Fees – over the counter withdrawals,
debit transactions
Ksh 50 per transactionKsh 35 per transactionKsh 25 per transaction
Minimum opening balanceKsh 1,000Ksh 2,000Ksh 10,000
Monthly maintenance feesKsh 100 per monthKsh 1,000 per monthKsh 2,000 per month
Minimum operating balanceKsh 300__
Cheque bookOptional1st cheque book free (100 leaves)All cheque books are free
Insurance – (under group cover)Free permanent and total disability cover – Ksh 100,000Free permanent and total disability cover – Ksh 500,000Free permanent and total disability cover – Ksh 1,000,000
Credit cardAvailable on requestEligible – up to Ksh 100,000Eligible – up to Ksh 500,000
Cash handling feesAs per the current tariffAs per the current tariffFree
Free PDQ machine for merchantsOptionalAvailableAvailable
*LNM / M-CollectionsOptionalAvailableAvailable
Access to NFS – Non-Financial Services – Ts&Cs applyAvailableAvailableAvailable
Access to executive lobbyAvailable on requestAvailable on requestFree access to the executive lobby
Dedicated RMAvailableAvailableAvailable
Waive monthly A/C maintenance fees if the minimum A/C balance across the month is:Ksh 50,000Ksh 200,000Ksh 500,000
  • Internet Banking
  • Swift Transfers
  • Pesalink
  • MCo-op Cash
  • Real Time Gross Settlement (RTGS)
  • MPesa Paybill Termination

For further assistance, contact us through 020 227 6000 | 0703027000 or