Introducing Pay By Link!

Do you have an online shop? Are you getting challenges receiving payments via card? Talk to us about our e-commerce solution that enables you to receive card payments directly into your Co-opBank Account. Simply create a link and sell anywhere!

How it works

Accept payments in minutes, without a line of code.

Create a link

You can use Payment Links to sell a product or service, start a subscription, or collect a donation. Match the look and feel of your brand by adding your logo and colors.

Share the link

Paste or embed the link anywhere. The same payment link can be shared with many customers and used across multiple channels.

Get paid

Use the Dashboard or email to be notified of a successful payment, and have the funds deposited into your bank account.


The solution is ready, and Integration is effort based i.e., a close collaboration between Merchant and Co-opBank Implementation team.

The onboarding process is as below:

Phase 1: Merchant onboarding and review of the application and KYC and Merchant ID (MID) creation

Phase 2: Merchant creation on the payment gateway. 

Phase 3: Undertake System Integration Tests (SITs), roll out decision manager and take Merchant to production/ LIVE. 

Phase 4:Continued relationship management, joint marketing, training and monitoring merchant activity for increased transactions.

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For any queries, you can contact us through:

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