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Are you living in the diaspora? Welcome to our Diaspora Banking platform where we help you;

  • Operate your account seamlessly and anywhere with our Internet Banking Platform
  • Fund your account through our money transfer options
  • Provide options on ideal property or land to buy with our mortgage property hub.

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More Information

  1. Transactional Account

This account can be opened in the name of an individual or joint names. The account allows you to do regular bank transactions from anywhere in the world and in KES, USD, GBP, or EURO.

  1. Business Current Account

This account offers you the opportunity to transact under a business name, partnerships, and trading companies. Also, the account caters to the diaspora saccos’ whose registration is at the Kenyan Ministry of Co-operatives.

  1. Children Account (Jumbo Junior)

This account is specifically for children with an aim to teach them how to be responsible with money. Open a KES, USD, GBP or Euro account for your child today!

  1. Fixed & Call Deposits

This is the account that allows you to save money for a lengthy period while maximizing the attractive interest rates. You can enjoy the interest rates in KES, Euros, Dollar or GBP.

    1. Treasury Bonds – Investing in Treasury bonds means a customer is lending money to the government and they earn interest on it. This is a safe haven for your money which comes with predictable returns over time.
    2. Custody & Registrar Services – This is where we safeguard your financial assets and oversee the prudent management of these assets. The bank offers Custodial Services and Safe Keeping Services.
    3. Treasury Bills – A Treasury bill is a paperless short-term borrowing instrument issued by the Government through the Central Bank of Kenya (as a fiscal agent) to raise money on a short-term basis – for a period of up to 1 year. Treasury bills are sold at a discounted price to reflect the investor’s return and redeemed at face (par) value. We invest in Treasury bills and bonds on your behalf at a small commission.
  • Trade Shares

This is where you can own a piece of public listed companies by investing in shares and grow your money. Through our Kingdom Securities Ltd, we assist investors in;

  1. ·   Transfer of shares
  2. ·   Immobilization

·   Transmissions

  • Mortgage

    Looking to own a home back home? Get a Co-op Bank Mortgage Loan and make your dream come true!

    Apply for a Mortgage today!

Below are the respective money transfer solutions for your location.
  1. Transfast
  2. Instant Cash
  3. MoneyGram
  4. SWIFT
  5. Western Union
  6. WorldRemit
  7. Remitly

Co-op Bank is offering a wide range of insurance such as; medical insurance, motor, general, agricultural, life cover, micro-business e.t.c.

We have agents in various countries all over the world. They act as key liaison persons between the bank and customers.

Email: diasporaremittancesupport@co-opbank.co.ke | Phone number: +254 711 049 086


Phone number: +254 711 049 086

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